K Shake

Milk-shake, floor standing, self-pasteurizing, 4 flavours, fully automatic dispensing system

Designed for high volume - High tech spigot spinner guarantee consistent appearance and highest intensity product

Excellent production results
By pressing the flavour button, at activates the fully automatic dispensing system. The cup level sensor stops the product flow at the correct portion size, regarles of the cup size

The highly efficient automatic Carpigiani self-pasteurizing system kills contaminating bacteria, allowing for longer cleaning intervals up to 42 days

Reduced size and foot print

Optional configurations

Teorema Remote Control
It gives very important info about the machine, it facilitates the service system and helps the cleaning schedule
Wash kit
Tap over the hopper to facilitate cleaning operations
Dry Filling system
Automatic hopper water filling system. This allows you to mix powders directly in the hopper, saving time and reducing the possibility of dosing errors

Features & Benefits

Direct expansion cooling cylinder
Optimizes refrigeration efficiency for fast freeze downtime, less waste of product ensuring higher quality and energy saving
Interactive display
Communicates with the operator delivering instructions and data regarding machine performance
Tank agitator
Prevents product stratification and helps to reduce foam by maintaining a fluid consistency
Self closing automatic device
This unit is provided with a well tested portion control. The system delivers the correct portion required, regardless cup sizes
Adjustable product flow
Adjustable product flow to meet your specific dispensing speed and volume requirements
High capacity cylinder
Perfect for all dispensing circumstances, including the moments of greater production pressure
With our self-pasteurization system the machine can be cleaned and disassembled only 9 times per year
Simplified cleaning
Cleaning is simplified thanks to the possibility of the cylinder heating and the easy disassembly of the dispensing unit
Características técnicas
flavour 4+1
Sistema de transporte de mezcla Pump
Capacidad del cilindro
lt 7
Capacidad del tanque
lt 20
yield 210 (400 ml portions) in one hour (production capacity depends on the mix used and the room temperature)
Sistema de enfriamiento Air, water optional
Hz 50*
Ph 3*
Volt 400*
Tamaño del fusible A 12
Potencia nominal kW 2,5
Gas refrigerante
Gas refrigerante R452 (alternative solutions available)
Net Weight kg 260
Notas *** alternative solutions available. K Shake is produced by Carpigiani with Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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