For creating gelato and sorbets on stick, the production becomes easy, quick and fantastic

With Carpigiani’s machine for creating gelato and sorbets on stick, the production becomes easy, quick and fantastic.....

Easy: because the mold filling is done in an ergonomic position and in an already cold environment.
Quick: because the freezing is done quickly and with the power of blast freezing temperatures.
Fantastic: because the microcrystals maintain the cellular structure intact guaranteeing perfect preservation in time.

Gelato Stick

For this gelato we use the classic gelato base mix, produced with the Pastomaster RTL, and the paste for the different flavours. The mix is pressurized with air, using the Whip cream machine (KW line), machine with gear pumps (patent Carpigiani) but without the  texturizer. This allows you, through the machines’ pump, to obtain the overrun of artisan gelato in the milk based stick gelatos.

Sorbet Sticks

For these sorbets we use the best fruit, either fresh or frozen, in high percentage (60%) to obtain top quality products. To produce the sorbet sticks with these large amounts of fruit, we need to emulsify the entire mix in the Turbomix, which is ideal for chopping fruit. The passage through the emulsifier, that rotates at 12,000 rpm, breaks up the fibrous ingredients in the mix and the integral dispersion of the flavor and sugars. This ensures a better fragrance and a creamier, fruity flavour.

FantaStick is also a very effective blast freezer, to be used in ice cream parlours but also to obtain these advantages:

Display counter
The product hardens just on the surface and it stabilizes the height protecting it from thermal shock when it is put into the display counter.

Keeping the product in the Freezer
With the freezing process at -18°C (-0.4°F), monitored by a product core probe, the product stored in the freezer, will keep perfectly.

To expedite and organize the production of ice cream cakes, Bavarian cream, mousse, single-portion desserts, hard pieces, fruit-filled ice cream, etc. ...

Technical Characteristics
Air temperature - 35°/-40°C (-31°/-40°F)
Complete mould capacity 2
Each mould 24 Stick of 1.8 oz
production Temperature +3/-18°C (+37.4/-0.4°F)
production time 25 min
Production cycle 48 sticks
Hourly production
kg 15 kg (33 lb)
Condenser Air
Volt/Hz/Ph 208-240/60/1
Fuse Size A 6.1
Dimension at base W x D x H cm 79 x 70 x 85 cm (31 x 28 x 33 in)
Net Weight kg 130 kg (287 lb)
Note Production can vary depending on the mix used and the working conditions. Data has been collected at an ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F). * Additional molds available. ** Check with the sales network the availability. The features are indicative. Carpigiani can make changes without giving notice. The Fantastick machines are made by Carpigiani according to a Certified Quality System UNI ENI ISO 9001 and are cETLus Listed.