Vertical Display case for Frozen food

Boost the sales of your cold creations thanks to ISA's line of upright display cases for frozen foods. Tornato adds personality to your venue also thanks to the upper light box.

Vertical displays with ventilated refrigeration (RV) with heated insulated glass door.
Inside and outside in white plasticized sheet metal.
Hinged door, with frame in silver anodized aluminium and automatic closing with return spring.
Decompression valve to allow repeated openings.
Wide handle to facilitate the grip.
Double LED lighting with ceiling lights positioned vertically on the sides of the door.
Carbon steel bearing structure painted with epoxy powder with rollers to facilitate handling and two adjustable feet to stabilize the display.
Control panel with electronic control unit.
Defrosting with compressor stop in the TN version and hot gas in the TB and TB/TN versions.
Condensate water collection tray with automatic evaporation system.
Equipped with adjustable lateral grill supports.
A back-lit ceiling light is positioned in the part above the door.


Note In the interest of continual product improvements, ISA S.p.A. reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications and accessories at any moment and without prior notice.