Whipped Topping Dispenser

This units will cut your whipped topping costs by up to 40%. The KW-50 produces up to 30 gallons of finished product per hour.

Either unit is compact and self-contained, and ready to work – all you have to do it place it on your counter and plug it in. Product is refrigerated until dispensed.

Features Include:

  • Works with heavy cream and many vegetable-based products
  • Flavor flexible – use vanilla, chocolate, rum, etc., sweetener or color
  • Finished product holds peak for a minimum of 24 hours under refrigeration
  • Portable, self-contained; requires NO GAS PROPELLANT or plumbing hook-ups
  • Mix tank has continuous refrigeration, dispensing nozzle is chilled
  • Easy to clean, can be sanitized in minutes
  • Push button operation
  • Yields – up to 5 to 1
Technical Characteristics
Mix Delivery System Pressure injected
pump Gear
Tank Capacity
lt 2 quarts
Hz 60
Ph 1
Volt 120
Fuse Size A 15 Amps
Refrigerant R134A
Dimension at base Depth cm 382 mm (15 in)
Dimension at base Height cm 459 mm (18 in)
Dimension at base Width cm 221 mm (8.7 in)
Net Weight kg 29 kgs (64 lbs) - Gross Weight 39 kgs (85 lbs)

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