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"Premium soft serve" is a growing trend in the world of ice cream. The focus is on quality ingredients, interesting flavors and, last but not least, to create an “instagrammable" soft serve with innovative toppings and colorful combinations. Premium Soft Serve has become just as much a culinary creation as an addition for fun selfies and photos!

In order to help chefs and entrepreneurs learn more about Premium Soft Serve, Carpigiani has launched the new "Soft Serve & Shake Consulting" : A service that can aid customers by offering the best and most suitable technological solutions along with creation of exclusive recipes, realization of food design concepts and consultancy for operations management.

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Soft Serve & Shake Consultant will contact you.

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The four pillars of
Carpigiani Soft Serve & Shake Consulting:


OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Soft Serve Ice Cream experts create or evaluate management strategies to maximize efficiency for equipment operators. 

MACHINE SETTINGS: Carpigiani technicians will align Carpigiani technology for specified flavor goals, such as desired taste, texture and overrun for the best soft serve experience, and to reach your profitability goals.

MIX & RECIPE DEVELOPMENT: a team of food technologists that can help you refine your recipe or, if you prefer, create it from scratch!

FOOD DESIGN & RESEARCH: Creative researchers & food designers to develop or refine your menu and soft serve presentation for the desired market positioning.


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