Gelato World Tour Carpigiani Challenge - Here are the 12 Japanese finalists

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On 3-4 April, 25 gelato artisans from Japan took part in the Semifinal in Tokyo

Gelato World Tour Japan has found its finalists!

On 3-4 April, in Tokyo, 25 gelato artisans from all over Japan took part in the "Carpigiani Challenge", the semifinals of Gelato World Tour Japan organized by Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep - International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World.

12 flavors - 11 finalists + 1 winner of the 4th "Gelato Maestro Contest" - have been selected to participate at the Gelato World Tour Japan 2019 Yokohama finals!

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Here are the 12 finalists of Gelato World Tour Japan 2019 Yokohama:

1)    "Allamanda" by Michiko Akamatsu of Royal Farm Akamatusu in Kagawa prefecture;

2)    "Mascarpone with salt from the Awaji island with sweet sakè perfumed with kumquat" by Keisuke Katayama of Arima Gelateria Stagione in Hyogo prefecture;

3)    "Chocolate gelato with lime and toasted black tea" by Tomoyuki Kishimoto of Dream Hill in Hokkaido;

4)    "Milk and Houjicha hazelnuts" by Kinichi Takano of Wabisabiya in Gunma;

5)    "Tropical summer holidays" by Madoka Higa of Fontana Gelato in Okinawa;

6)    "Pineapple and ricotta" by Erika Fujita of Yokohama Sorairo in Kanagawa prefecture;

7)    "Setoka orange and passion fruit with pistachio and chocolate spread" by Tomoko Fuse of Gelato Masumo in Tochigi prefecture;

8)    "Rosemary and honey with berries" by Aiko Matsumoto of Gelateria Santi in Kanagawa prefecture;

9)    "Red Beauty" by Tomoyuki Munehisa of Patisserie Café L'Oiseau Bleu in Yamaguchi prefecture;

10)   "Sayoko" by Tomomi Morikane of Tomomi Gelato in Kyoto prefecture;

11)    "Kuromoji milk perfumed with forest spices" by Hidenobu Yamamoto of Gelato Daigozakura of Okayama prefecture.

Winner of the 4th "Gelato Maestro Contest", sponsored by the Japan Gelato Association:

12)    "Salad Gelato" to be eaten like a meal by Eriko Osawa of Narukorin, specialized vegetables gelateria in Miyagi prefecture.


The “Gelato World Tour Yokohama 2019” finals will take place on August 31st and September 1st at the Great Pier Hall-Yokohama Port Osanbashi International, in Kanagawa prefecture in Yokohama.

The event's committee is the Gelato World Tour Japan 2019.


Comments from partner companies

On the occasion of the selection of the 11 flavors competing for the Gelato World Tour Yokohama 2019, SIGEP and Carpigiani Gelato University have released the following comments:

"Not only do many Japanese take part in "SIGEP", the international gelato, pastry and bakery fair, but in recent years many representatives of Japan have won several competitions: the work of Japanese artisans is becoming more and more known. I can't wait to see the gelato produced by world-class Japanese igelato makers in Yokohama."

Flavia Morelli
Food & Beverage Group Brand Manager, Italian Exhibition group

"As a Japanese who lives in Bologna, the gastronomic capital of Italy, I am very proud of the 12 flavours selected as finalists and the Japanese artisans who created them."

Kaori Ito Director, Carpigiani Gelato University

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