Founded in 2019, the Gelato Festival World Ranking is a permanent world standing updated every year that defines the ranking of the best artisanal gelato artisans worldwide. It is an international project conceived in conjunction with the event's 10th anniversary.

The Gelato Festival World Ranking includes the gelato artisans who have participated in the Gelato Festival in the last 10 years, as well as all those who took part in the Gelato World Tour, a partner of the event, and those who are continuing their efforts to compete for a place in the final Gelato Festival World Masters© 2021, the main international individual competition: a community that in the first year of ranking contributes to create a "Top40" of absolute excellence. With each event the gelato artisans earn scores that determine the world standings, aimed at achieving the goal of mapping the over 100,000 gelato shops situated around the world.

Furthermore, those who reach a particularly high score will see it translated into "crowns", from one to a maximum of five.

You can read about Gelato Festival World Ranking on Ansa, on Nazione, on SkyTg24 and AdcGroup



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