Counter top Soft Serve

Countertop Soft Serve Model that is easy to use

Performance and Quality

The Carpigiani reputation for the smoothest, creamiest soft serve in the market is proven with this powerful, customizable model. On the Heat-Treatment models, spigot flow allows for adjustable product flow. On pump-fed models, Product is fed from rear of cylinder eliminating need to prime and allowing more controllable overrun.


Audible Signal alerts when refill is needed. Least number of components to clean in the industry.

On Gravity models, product is fed from rear of cylinder eliminating need to prime. On SP models, Hopper prevents mixture separation and maintains consistent refrigerated temperature.


Unique cylinder construction delivers better results using less electricity. Water-cooled & Air Cooled versions available based on specific model.


TEOREMA guarantees facilitated assistance by providing online monitoring and diagnosis on a tablet, phone or PC wherever you are.


Standby mode maintains safe product temperatures in the freezing cylinder and mix hopper utilizing minimal energy during idle periods.

On SP models, Our automatic heat treatment system makes it possible to set the automatic heat treatment at a maximum interval of 42 days. *Always check with your Local Health inspector as cleaning requirements may vary.

Available with 4 configurations:

  • Gravity
  • Gravity with Heat Treatment
  • Pump
  • Pump with Heat Treatment

Both Water- and Air- cooled models are available. 

Customizable front panel is available (minimum of 20 units required): Upgrade from stickers to a fully personalized cover. This unique option – only from Carpigiani – enhances your store image and won’t scratch off because it’s printed on the inside of the cover.

Technical Characteristics
flavour One flavor
Hopper Capacity
Hopper Capacity 19 quarts on the Gravity model; 13 quarts on the Pump model.
Cooling System Air or Water
Hz 60
Ph 1 or 3, depending on specific model
Volt 208-220
Refrigerant R-449A
Note All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary. This unit may be manufactured in other electrical characteristics and may have additional regulatory agency approvals, please consult the local Carpigiani Distributor. Check name plate for exact electrical data.

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