Crystal Dispensing Door

Easily fill Gelato take-away containers and create Gelato Cakes

The ideal system for filling containers and molds with high overrun Gelato and Sorbet. Create take-away Gelato solutions using Gelato Crystal enabled Carpigiani batch freezers. Can accommodate existing Gelato mixtures for takeaway creations and gelato cakes.

Use existing Gelato & Sorbet recipes or try new recipes. Dispensing Door is compatible with the following Gelato Crystal-enabled models: Labo 14 20 XPL P, Ready 14 20 counter top, ReadyChef 14 20, Labo XPL P, Ready WF, Labotronic HE-H & Maestro HE.

Dispensing Door is an optional that may be ordered with a new machine or at a later date from spare parts.

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