Davide Oldani and Fabrizio Fiorani: dialogue around gelato in fine dining

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Chef and Pastry Chef met at Host 2019 trade show and told us about their experience with gelato in a fine dining menu

What is the favorite gelato flavor of Davide Oldani, Michelin-starred chef of D’O in Cornaredo (Milan) whose style in the kitchen revolves around the concept of “Cucina Pop”? And what have Fabrizio Fiorani, Asia's Best Pastry Chef 2019, felt the first time he tasted a gelato? You will find out by watching the video HERE and reading the article that we propose to you.

Our Chef and Pastry Chef met at Host 2019 trade show and told us about their experience with gelato in a fine dining menu ranging from the contrasts of hot and cold to that of cold emulsion, a journey into their cooking style that ended with a frozen cocktail made with the 161 G SP, our counter top soft serve machine designed specifically for bars, restaurants and bistros. The exclusive recipe includes Gin Mare as the main ingredient and the combination of organic bergamot juice and basil.


What’s your favorite flavor of gelato?

Davide Oldani: “My favorite gelato flavor is naturally stracciatella, crunchy-soft, creamy.”

Fabrizio Fiorani “I like chocolate gelato, obviously with a quality chocolate. Don't call cocoa gelato chocolate gelato. Chocolate gelato must be made with chocolate, not cocoa powder. How can you tell? From the color, chocolate gelato has an almost pink color when quality chocolate is used. Gelato that is too dark, tending to brown, to black, they're made with cocoa, not chocolate, be very careful about this.”


What’s your first memory about gelato?

Davide Oldani: “I don't remember the first time I ate gelato, I've been eating it for a lifetime. Obviously, stracciatella was the gelato I ate when I was a kid.”

Fabrizio Fiorani: “When I was a little bit younger I was lucky enough to work in a gelato shop on the Roman coast during the summer holidays. So my first serious experience with the gelato speaking of flavors was in this gelato shop: a fantastic zabaglione gelato, so with eggs and Marsala. To me gelato it's always full of emotions.”



Why add gelato to a fine dining menu?

Davide Oldani: “The need to add gelato to dishes is to balance contrasts, so it's a philosophy of a cuisine that's harmonious, where I have something warm it's instinctive to add something cold, and certainly for me cold and creamy means gelato.”



What advice do you give to those who want to add gelato to their menu?

Davide Oldani: “Definitely working with supermachines, because these machines do 70% of my job. I add only 30% of a great ingredient, of a great recipe, the machine makes me successful”

Fabrizio Fiorani: “How would you translate sushi? How would you translate cheesecake? They're untranslatable words, so let's not translate gelato into other forms, other words. Gelato is an Italian product made with quality ingredients, this is my idea of gelato in Italy and abroad.”

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