UF 263

Twin-twist Floor model

The high performance Carpigiani UF-263 soft serve freezer combines state-of-the-art design and technology with simple and efficient operation. The UF-263 provides high production for two individual flavors of frozen dessert and combination twist. This freezer will outperform any comparably-sized freezers. Designed to allow the greatest flexibility when changing products. Will serve ice cream, custard, water ice, yogurts, sherbets in any combination. 


The high-performance UF-263 G gravity-fed soft serve model combines Carpigiani technology with simple and efficient design, for high volume production. This model can simultaneously make two highly diverse products in each cylinder, such as Custard and Sorbet and still produce a balanced twist cone. Separate touchpad controls for each cylinder let you make a combination of twist products. Each cylinder can be run independently to best accommodate mixtures of diverse consistencies.


Fewest parts in the industry to clean. Audible Signal alerts when refill is needed. Self-monitoring system minimizes costly errors.


Standby mode reduces operation costs during idle periods. A single cylinder can be run during low season. Unique freezing cylinder optimizes refrigeration efficiency.


Standby mode maintains safe product temperatures in the freezing cylinder. Built-in memory stores information to facilitate repairs.


Single piece agitator is easy to clean.

Technical Characteristics
flavour 2 flavors with twist option
Hopper Capacity
Hopper Capacity 18 quarts each
Condenser Air or Water
Hz 60
Ph 1 or 3
Volt 208-230
Refrigerant R-449A
Note All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary. This unit may be manufactured in other electrical characteristics and may have additional regulatory agency approvals, please consult the local Carpigiani Distributor. Check name plate for exact electrical data

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