Pastochef RTL: the ideal machine for pastry and gastronomic arts

Pastochef RTL is an electronic multipurpose machine for classic confectionery and gastronomic recipes, with 46 programs including the five main pastry specialties: Pastry Cream, Bavarian Cream, Ganache, Pâte à choux, and Jams and Marmalades. All the programs maintain consistent and specific temperatures for each of the cycles to produce high quality standardized results every time.

Pastochef RTL can mix, cook, pasteurize, cool and store your products, adapting to your favorite recipes. In addition to its two continuous and two intermittent stirring speeds, the Pastochef RTL-I, thanks to the Inverter option, has 9 extra stirring functions that are especially useful for personalized programs.

Pastochef RTL is your fundamental partner in the production of pastry and gastronomic recipes.

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