Synthesis 1

Single cylinder module to produce and statically store 1.5 to 2.5 kg of gelato

Synthesis: The innovative system of modular units to fully satisfy your needs.

Each module consists of one or two cylinders. Every module independently produces and stores gelato. Furthermore, each cylinder has its own consistency and storage temperature settings to best produce every single flavor.

Performance and Quality

The simplest way to make the highest quality Gelato

Static Storage


Independent refrigeration system and user interface



Advanced refill


The Thermoplastic Lid is ergonomic and light.

The lid is also designed to stay open and give the optimal amount of space to the operator.

Refrigerated scooper holder with separate compartments

LCD display


Scan the QR Code on the front of the machine to access the most up to date equipment information: Instruction Manual, Carpi Care kit & Carpi Clean kit


Energy savings thanks to the high efficiency electric motors and high performance capacitors.



Ergonomic design

Reduced risk of injury



Heated cleaning

Dry Clean

Both the lid and Refrigerated scooper holder are removable

Delayed cleaning program

Wash kit

Carpi Care kit & Carpi Clean kit

Cylinder Capacity
max g 2.5 kg
min g 1.5 kg
Condenser Air
Hz 50-60 Hz
Ph 1 Ph
Volt 220-240 Volts
Fuse Size A 10 A
Rated Power Input kW 1.25 kW
Dimension at base W x D x H cm 45 x 65 x 100 cm
Net Weight kg 135 kg
Note Synthesis is produced by Carpigiani with Quality System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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