Gelato in Fine Dining


A custom course designed for Foodservice Professionals

The Gelato in Fine Dining course will provide you with a complete solution for introducing artisan gelato into your fine dining establishment. You will learn how to develop gelato recipes, along with the operations and economics of incorporating gelato into your offer. These three elements will be adjusted according to the specific situation and needs of each business.

Who is it addressed to? Business owners, Executive Chefs and Pastry Chefs of fine-dining kitchens and hospitality establishments.

Course type: 1-to-1 tailor-made course, or group lessons for chef associations or culinary schools

Duration: 1 – 2 days (depending on the subjects to be covered)

Location: Gelato University Headquarters or satellite campuses, or on-site at restaurant/hotel kitchens

Subjects covered: The below topics will be weighted differently based on a pre-course questionnaire to align the content of the course with the needs of the students.

- Science of gelato-making: recipe-balancing techniques, with a specific focus on the use of sugars and stabilizers. 
- Recipe differentiation based on storage temperatures and service methods.
- Technology options: production capacity, optimized operations, space, energy consumption, usability of the machines.
- Operations: gelato production planning, storage, temperature control, serving and presentation methods.
- Economics: food costs, profitability of plates/desserts.

Featured Machines: The student can master the presented techniques on the following Carpigiani machines (which can be varied upon request):


Labo 6/9
Labo 8/12
Freeze & Go
Ready 14/20


- 800 EUR a day in Carpigiani headquarters or satellite campuses
- 800 EUR a day + travel expense reimbursement for on-site locations



Info and enrollment:

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