Gelato Festival World Masters: here are the 3 best Hungarian gelato artisans of 2023

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The second Hungarian stage of the new four-year gelato competition calendar took place in Budapest on April 18 and decreed a ranking the second group of gelato makers who will advance to the Hungarian Finals in 2024

Gelato Festival World Masters returned to Hungary for the second stop on its four-year competition calendar. Following last year's Challenge, the second national competition was held in Budapest on April 18, with 16 Hungarian gelato makers participating. The event was hosted by Bulfoni Bar & Gelato Design, Carpigiani distributor for Hungary.

The jury decreed a ranking of 3 gelato makers selected to participate in the 2024 Hungarian Finals of Gelato Festival World Masters, the world championship organized with strategic partners Carpigiani and Sigep - Italian Exhibition Group. Flavor, structure, creativity, and verbal and aesthetic presentation were the four parameters by which the artisanal gelatos were evaluated, promoting the choice of ingredients, the artisans' mastery in elaborating and communicating the recipe, and the overall result evaluated through sight, taste, and smell.


The 3 winning gelato artisans are:  

First place: István Felsődiósi of Lufi fagyizó in Győr with the flavor “Go(a)t milk?”

Description: Goat cheese gelato variegated with figs and pistachios

hungary 2023 1

Second place: Adam Pataki of Pataki in Erd (Pest) with the flavor “Frutta di cafè”

Description: Coffee and white chocolate gelato with lemon confit and salted caramel

hungary 2023 2

Third place: László Nagy of Marcipán Cukrászda in Dunaföldvár with the flavor “Mandulás Fehércsoki”

Description: White chocolate and almond gelato

hungary 2023 3

The jury consisted of: Emese Szentandrási-Szabó, pastry chef of Suhajda Cukrászda; József Juhos, pastry chef of Sug’art by Juhos Joci; Gellért Szó, pastry chef of G&D Kézműves Cukrászdák.



  • Annamaria Molnar of Füge shop and coffee in Budapest with the flavor “Sorrent walnut gelato with figs and chocolate”;
  • Zoltán Szmolenszky of Chilli Cuki in Dunakeszi with the flavor “Frutta di piccante”;
  • Balázs Baranyi of Hisztéria Cremeria in Tápiószecső with the flavor “Citrus and olive”;
  • Attila Vikor of Vikor Kézműves Cukrászda in Tata with the flavor “MaRaPi”;

  • Ádám Sztaracsek of Jánoska cukrászda in Komárom with the flavor “Amiamo Mandorla”;
  • András Bazsó of Barta Kávéház in Tata with the flavor “Avocado-Banana-Lemon”;
  • Kristóf Sándor of Bécsi Kávéház és Cukrászda in Győr with the flavor “Dolce Pecca(n)to”;
  • Attila Pálfi of Vitorlás Fagyizó in Balatonmáriafürdő with the flavor “Panna acida alla fragola”;
  • József Somogyi of Bringatanya Fagyizó in Gyenesdiás (Zala) with the flavor “Cocco-Riso”;
  • Jenő Vadócz of Promenád Kávéház in Balatongyörök with the flavor “Frutti dell'Eden”;
  • Bettina Kerekes of Kiskerekes Cukrászda in Hajdúböszörmény with the flavor “White viola”;
  • Sándor Marján of Marján cukrászda in Eger with the flavor “Gárdonyi 100”;
  • Sándor Márton of Bagaméri Fagylaltozó in Balatonfüred with the flavor “Meggyes Marcipán Csokoládéval”

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