Lab-O-Chef 5

Countertop multifunction machine for Pastry, Chocolate, Gastronomy, and Gelato. Can reach a temperature of 105 °C.

The Carpigiani machine with more than 60 programs designed to express your culinary creativity to the fullest.

The operating temperature can reach 105 °C. The temperature is gas modulated with the utmost precision, and adapts to the product being processed, avoiding burns and encrustations.

With the addition of the Gelato Kit, the machine transforms into a Gelato batch freezer and creates excellent gelato, thanks to the exclusive Hard-O-Tronic® system.

Performance and Quality

Infinite free programs, 23 pastry programs, 10 chocolate programs, 7 specialty programs, 12 programs for gastronomy recipes, 15 programs programs for gelato, Sicilian slush, sauces and toppings.

The operating temperature can reach 105 °C. The hot gas is modulated with the utmost precision according to the product being processed, avoiding burning or encrustations.

The agitator without a central shaft and the newly designed scrapers creates the perfect result of a wide range of different products.

The machine includes a recipe book with detailed recipes and information on ingredients that can be downloaded by scanning the QR Code on the front of the machine.

The new display allows the operator to create customized programs for dedicated recipes.

To help the operator the display will indicate when to add the ingredients for each phase as well as the current temperature.


Scan the QR Code on the front of the machine to access the most up to date equipment information: Instruction Manual, Carpi Care kit & Carpi Clean kit.


The stirrer speed can be modified according to the type of recipe to enhance the intended texture and structure.

The extraction tap has four positions

7" touch screen display

Joystick controller

Versatile stainless-steel shelf with two different positions

The Handheld sprayer can be easily disconnected and connected with the quick coupling and dedicated holder.


Post-cooling system


The innovative motor & condenser optimize the machine's maximum potential while maintaining low power consumption.



Reduced risk of injury, with corners even more rounded where the operator works.

The display turns red when the machine is running a program that exceeds 50 °C.



Monolithic upper cylinder and outlet

The tap and the agitator can be disassembled

Postponed cleaning program

Scotch- Brite treatment

Drying program

Carpi Care kit & Carpi Clean kit

The always clean tap

Hot wash function

Gelato produced
Qty per cycle max. lt 4.9 lts
Qty per cycle min. lt 2.8 liters
Mix added
Qty per cycle max. kg 3.5 kg
Qty per cycle min. kg 2 kg
Quantity per cycle | Programs
Cremolata | kg 3.5 kg
Cremolata | min. kg 2 kg
Crystal | max. kg 3.5 kg
Crystal | min. kg 2 kg
Custard | max. kg 1.5 kg
Custard | min. kg 1.5 kg
Slush | max. kg 3.5 kg
Slush | min. kg 2 kg
Cooling System Water
Hz 50 Hz
Ph 3 Ph
Volt 400 Volt
Fuse Size A 8 A
Rated Power Input kW 3 kW
Dimension at base Depth cm 86 cm
Dimension at base Height cm 86 cm
Dimension at base Width cm 50 cm
Net Weight kg 156 kg
Note Lab-O-Chef 5 is produced by Carpigiani according to Certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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