High Profitability Desserts


A custom course designed for Foodservice Professionals

The High Profitability Desserts course will inspire and create business solutions for casual dining kitchens to increase the profitability of its dessert menu by introducing artisan gelato. The course covers the production process, recipe development, operations and profitability of gelato desserts.

Who is it addressed to? Business owners, Chefs of casual dining restaurants

Course type: Group lessons, with theory and demonstrations

Duration: 6 hours (the length can vary based on specific needs and requests)

Location: Gelato University Headquarters, Carpigiani dealerships, or culinary schools

Subjects covered: 

What is Gelato?  
- Ingredients
- Production process in a restaurant kitchen
- Compositions and recipe development parameters

Gelato Desserts – variety of formats, technologies and gelato compositions
- Single portion cups
- Dessert jars
- Plated desserts

Profitability of gelato desserts
- Foodcost and profit margins
- “Storytelling” for better margins
- Return-of-Investment calculation

- Who produces gelato and when?
- Relationship between volume/storage
- Management of cold chain from production until service
- Case Studies - Success Stories

Ready-to-use Recipe Book 

Featured Machines: The student can master the presented techniques on the following Carpigiani machines (which can be varied upon request):


Labo 6/9
Labo 8/12
Freeze & Go
161 G SP


- 100 EUR per participant



Info and enrollment:

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