e-Taste is a series of 5 online lessons, designed to give you a virtual taste of the Basic Course at Carpigiani Gelato University

Who is this course for?
For those who want to explore Carpigiani Gelato University's world and learn how to make high quality artisan gelato.

Subjects covered 
Lesson 1 - What is Gelato and how to make it?

• Artisan Gelato vs industrial Ice-Cream
• Raw materials and their functional composition
• Step by Step production process

Lesson 2 - Enriched Gelato
• What is Enriched Gelato
• Different kinds of Enriched Gelato
• Inclusion technique: Stracciatella 
• Composed flavors: Tiramisù 

Lesson 3 - Fruit Sorbets & Recipe Balancing
• Water-based flavors
• Categories of fruits
• Recipe balancing technique

Lesson 4 - Milk-based Gelato Recipe Balancing
• Functional composition of ingredients
• Fatty flavors vs Sugary flavors
• Recipe balancing technique

Lesson 5 - Gelato Sticks and Jars
• Alternative forms of Artisanal Gelato
• What is Gelato Crystal?
• How to make Gelato Jars 
• How to make Gelato Sticks

Course info
The course is package of 5 video lesson with a downloadable book.

Purchase the package here.