Carpigiani Gelato University expands its online education with new courses for beginners and professionals

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Many new contents and courses for both beginners and professionals

Carpigiani Gelato University, the international gelato school with 20 campuses in 19 different countries, has started to provide its instructors’ know-how for a new and enriched catalogue of online courses, not forgetting that, like all culinary arts, gelato making is learnt by experimenting every day in the laboratory. Those who want to start approaching the world of gelato can now begin from the "E-taste" series available in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish. It consists of five 1 hour and a half lessons with a downloadable workbook that summarize the fundamental elements of a high-quality artisan gelato.

This project allows anyone to enter our main campus and try out the teaching methodology that has given rise to numerous success stories worldwide since 2003.” – comments Kaori Ito, Carpigiani Gelato University director – “Thousands of former students have changed their lives with gelato and the market still offers many business opportunities. Thanks to technology we are now able to get close to those who haven’t taken the first step yet, but have a great passion for gelato and cooking. Obviously, then, we wait for them for the complete course here in Bologna, as the classroom experience with other aspiring gelato makers and the practical lessons in which to test what was learned during the hours of class are essential. Gelato is fantastic to make and enjoy!”.

For professionals, the online education goes from the current "Home Delivery Solution" in Italian and English for those who want to face the emergency by activating the home delivery service, to advanced and specific courses such as "Gelato for lactose intolerant" or "Gelato with alcoholic drinks".

CGU online courses E-taste

The courses are available on the website in the "Online Courses" area.

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