HOST 2021 - Carpigiani's technology inside the "World" of Ali Group in Hall 5P

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Carpigiani, the leading italian company in the production of machines for gelato will be present at HOST (from 22 to 26 October 2021 – Rho Fiera Milano) inside the Ali Group booth in Hall 5P showcasing some of the latest tecnologies designed for gelato, ice cream, soft serve and pastry. 
Carpigiani will also be presenta as a sponsor during the Panettone World Championship Finals that will take place on October 24th. 

Here is a list of Carpigiani’s tecnologies that can be viewed inside the Ali Group stand: 

-    Synthesis 2 the new modular system that allows you to produce, store and serve ice cream in a single solution directly in front of customers and without interrupting the cold chain. The basic module consists of an elegant workstation complete with two independent cylinders equipped with the functions for pasteurizing and whipping the mixture and statically storing the ice cream. In addition, the optimum storage temperature can be programmed for each cylinder.
-    ReadyChef, the countertop machine designed for professional pastry shops and restaurants that in 58 cm incorporates all the technology needed to add gelato to the menu and act as a personalized assistant for many pastry and chocolate specialties. It has 32 different programs ranging from the production of creams to the tempering of chocolate, the preparation of gelato, slushes and cremolatas. Six cycles are dedicated to the production of sauces and toppings. Thanks to the single-phase connection it is easy to install, and cleaning is made easier by a special program that will save a lot of time in the kitchen and production space. The machine is equipped with the new "Crystal" program, perfect for making cakes and gelato in a jar thanks to the higher air content and the special consistency perfect for portioning.
-    Much of the space will be dedicated to Adaptive Technology, which includes pasteurizers and batch freezers of the HE - High Efficiency Line able to manage the mixes of gelato artisans and pastry chefs and choose what's best for each recipe. The batch freezers make use of the latest evolution of Carpigiani's renowned consistency control system which makes it possible to freeze gelato recipes with an average reduction of 40% of the total solids, including recipes without added sugars. The pasteurizers are equipped with an exchange pump cup, a technology patented by Carpigiani that allows superior micronization of the mixture with a surprising reduction of the fat globules and levels of health safety that are at the top of the market.
-    In the soft serve area you’ll find the 243 T SP, a compact 2-flavors plus mix countertop soft serve machine. Even more powerful and versatile than the previous model and with high performance during rush moments or in case of high temperatures in the laboratory.
-    Next to it the XVL 3 Steel the poweful and elegant floor-standing soft serve machine with 2-flavors plus mix. Perfect for frozen yogurt.

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