Carpigiani is official partner of Relais Desserts for "Goûter des chefs" in Padua

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From May 15th to 18th the official meeting of the 85 most famous pastry chefs in the world

The days from May 15th to 18th, in Italy, will be dedicated to high-end pastry. After 14 years the Relais Desserts return to our country, in particular to Padua, and Carpigiani is honored to be official partner of the event. The 85 most famous pastry chefs in the world will discuss some current issues and trends related to the sweetest of the white arts.

On Sunday, May 15th, at the iconic Palazzo della Ragione, listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is scheduled the "Goûter des chefs", a moment of confrontation between all participants, called to set up compositions divided into 10 monumental buffets and focused on the theme "Herbs and Fruits", in honor of the two historic squares of the city, respectively "Piazza delle Erbe" and "Piazza della Frutta". 

The composition of the 10 buffets will be entrusted to as many teams. In fact, the 85 pastry chefs will be divided into 10 teams organized according to the geographical areas of origin of the participants. In this way each group can decline their buffet, paying homage to the different territories and celebrating their respective traditions.

The Italian team will be represented by leading names of the high national pastry such as Iginio Massari, the Paduan master Luigi Biasetto, Andreas Acherer, Fabrizio Galla, Luca Mannori and Roberto Rinaldini.

Who will win? Given the high level of contenders, it’s hard to make predictions.

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